Saturday, 23 January 2010

Ryton Monster

Ryton Pool - Brian & Sean. 9am to 2-30pm

A decent looking day and with the river likely to be pushing through a bit, we opted for a pool. Fresh with optimism from Brian's newly acquired Piking prowess last year, we purchased some deadbaits from Lanes on the way, along with some maggots to hedge our bets.

We decided to take the hike around to the sandbank pegs as it's generally more peaceful round there and there's plenty of water to go at. We opted for similar set ups - one float rod for a maggot approach (or for anything else Brian cares to put on a hook!) and one rod for legering deadbaits.

To cut the story short, it was a case of double blank. Not a sniff on either of our set ups all day. Well that's not totally true - Brian did have a bit of an enquiry from a Coot late on. His trusty bite indicator rag rose to attention, but to his dismay it was just a cheeky Coot which he didn't connect with.

Across the way on the road side bank it was a different story. We sensed something was transpiring when an angler scurried up the bank to get help. It turned out that he'd landed a pike that he wanted to weigh and photograph. At 17lb 8oz it was a mightily impressive looking fish - even though we were a good 50 yards away.

So, a no score draw to start the year, but nonetheless nice to wet a line after a frustratingly long lay off. It can only get better, can't it?

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