Monday, 1 November 2010

Mythe Farm Changes

This is mostly for Jeff's benefit, in case he hasn't seen it:

Season tickets only now, at £60 a pop. Interesting change in policy considering that the numbers of guests showing in the visitor book were a little on the scarce side. I assume they just want to keep things simple and if they have a handful of takers, then it's no less worthwhile than it was on a free for all basis. It's also easier to administer I guess. Or, maybe someone has approached them to make it a bit more exclusive? It's certainly buggered up some late season plans I had in mind!

I'll keep a watchful eye on proceedings for now I think. I quite liked the place, but for £60 I could get myself an awful lot more water elsewhere. It will be interesting to see how many takers they get and whether the part season ticket proves more popular.


  1. Looks like I'll be giving it a miss. A shame, as it was a charming place to drop into when it suited. Someone bent the ears of the owners and turned their heads perhaps? Probably the trout crew - they do like to have things all their own way don't they...

  2. I saw that a few weeks ago. A real shame.