Monday, 17 January 2011

Things in common

Q - What have I got in common with Coventry City right now?
A - We've both scored blanks in 4 of our last 8 outings!

Yes, another blank at the weekend at College Pool. It turned into a fairly brief session with Brian, which neither of us really enjoyed. The wind was blowing a gale and and it wasn't pleasant.

I'd hoped the Bream might play ball, but it wasn't to be. I dare say if I'd have scratched around in the margins, I might have got off the mark, but I'm trying to avoid desperation tactics at this stage. Another angler was doing just that and had 5 small Roach on pinkies.

Maybe January just isn't my month - I blanked on both January visits last year! The river levels are looking a lot healthier now and for the week ahead and we seem to be promised some very settled weather, if slightly cooler and more normal for the time of year.

I can't recall the last time I had three consecutive blanks, but it's very much on the cards right now. Expect a few expletives in my next post if it happens!

No photos this week - I just couldn't summon up the enthusiasm.


  1. It's too soon for desperation Sean, most of us seem to have hit a wall of blank this January.

    There's still eleven and a half months for you to get on the board. If you go all year without a fish then that's the time to take up dominoes.

  2. Dominoes might be a suitable progression - they contain blanks too!

    No panic at this stage. Things won't be won or lost in these Winter months, but that said, I wouldn't turn down a 15lb Pike!