Tuesday, 22 February 2011

A Bit of Solitary

A change of plan this week saw me and Brian on the Avon on a Sunday. In some respects it was a blessing not to be out during Saturday's rather damp and cool conditions. Instead we faced a coolish but dry day and a river that was about 10 inches up and coloured after the previous day's rain.

Usual tactics came to the fore with 2 feeder rigs with baits varying from maggot, worm, bread and meat. The Lamprey also came out of the bag in the hope of attracting a Pike.

We spent 4 hours trying to entice something, but precious little happened. Conditions certainly could have been a little better and any fish was going to be welcomed. In the end I managed just a solitary Bream of 2lb 15oz.

If nothing else, it extends my run of non-blanks to 3 now!

Next week sees an enforced lay off as we have a freebie to watch the Sky Blues take on Leicester City. I certainly wouldn't pay to watch them when I could be fishing, but the free food swung it!


  1. Sean, I strongly believe if you change across from your winter hat to your 'printemps la mode' the results will upturn.

  2. There's a lot to be said for a seasonal change of hat, I find.

  3. And there was me thinking it was the wintery blog picture that was holding me back!

    I can't wait the banish the winter attire into the depths that is the cupboard under the stairs. The winter hat is damn good for holding in the ear plugs of my personal radio though - an essential tool that keeps me sane during the hours of tip staring. It also saves me listening to other anglers snoring on the next peg!