Monday, 16 May 2011

A Brief Catch Up

Since my last post I've managed 3 trips, but all proved to be fairly uneventful.

The first effort was a return to Snitterfield Reservoir in search of Crucians. I started off OK on the Roach and Skimmers, but I never managed to get a sniff of a Crucian in a 5 hour session. Charlie, fishing on the next peg, managed a couple of them - both would have sneaked over the pound mark I'd say.

Bites petered out for me as the day wore on and another failed Crucian trip was the end result.

The next session was an even briefer affair due to afternoon committments. It was at Jubilee pools on the Island Pool. This time I wasn't fussed about catching anything in particular - it was going to be a short session and I was just happy to catch a few fish.

Momentarily I thought I'd got a bonus silver fish, but I ended up with something that looked distinctly hybridised. It was a nice looking fish of about 1.25lbs, but sadly it was neither Roach, nor Rudd.

I had a number of other smaller fish on the day and as usual for my visits to Jubilee, it rained quite a bit. I really must make the effort to pick a belting day next time when the Carp are likely to be going bonkers on the surface!

Brian returned to action after an absence for this trip and plucked out some small fish. The best of his bunch was an 11oz Perch, which we stuck on his challenge scorecard.

The third trip was to College Pool in the hope of maybe finding a low double figure Carp, one of the elusive Barbel, or perhaps adding to our Bream or Perch scores.

It ended up very similar to my previous visit and it became clear that the fish are well into spawning mode. Aside from the small Perch, proper bites were tricky to come by. I had a fair number of bite indications, but it was mostly line bites.

Brian actually had a bit of early success, but it was to be his only Bream of the session. At 4lb it matched his previous best for the year. If it had managed to retain its fins in better condition it might have made an extra ounce or two though! This fish had seen a few battles in its time I think.

I managed to winkle out 3 Bream of 3lb 11oz (left), 5lb 3oz (centre) and 4lb 12oz (right). I also remembered to clean the camera lense when I got home!

May has proved to be a bit frustrating so far. I'm desperately in need of some inspiration from somewhere...and a lot more hours on the bank wouldn't go amiss either! Only 1 month to go now until things kick off properly again. Holidays have been booked from work in readiness and the an early season trip to the glorious River Wye can't come soon enough. Meanwhile, I should probably be putting my time to better use looking for the specimen sized Silver Bream that live just a short walk away!

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