Friday, 15 July 2011

Back on the bank...briefly

I haven't had much to report recently. A fortnight ago I suffered a poor session on the Avon with Brian and last week I accompanied my better half to Silverstone for the Grand Prix. Needless to say I was itching to get fishing again and I sniffed a chance to end the working week at Friday lunchtime for once.

I only had a few hours to play with and after tossing a few thoughts around in my head, I opted for a very lightly fished, slightly mysterious stillwater. The idea was simply to remember what catching fish felt like again and to have a relaxed afternoon, making the most of the glorious weather. I'd seen the weather forecast and it seemed that any further weekend adventures would be somewhat wetter and windier.

The fish obliged in numbers - as they always do on this pool once they realise some bait is going in. Nothing big showed up, but I had a mix of Rudd, Crucians and lots of Perch (of which quite a few were on corn!). The best of the bunch were:

The Perch and the Crucian were bang on 1lb, while the Rudd tipped the scales a smidgeon further to 1lb 1oz - a personal best.

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