Wednesday, 31 August 2011

End Of Month Catch Up

I've been a bit economical with my posts in recent times, but I have been out a few times during the back end of August. The lack of posts is largely down to a lack of things to crow about.

In all honesty I've hit a rare patch of despondency. Normally at this time of the year I can't get enough of my fishing, but this year I've become a bit subdued. The reason is largely down to a lack of the wet stuff falling from the skies. I'm a river man first and foremost and it's been painful to see the rivers in such poor looking states.

In terms of the blogger's challenge, I have some plans in place for some of the typical river species in a few week's time. I'm pinning my hopes of getting a vaguely respectable looking score on another Wye visit - Barbel, Chub, Grayling and Dace will be the target, with the possibility of a decent Eel maybe.

With that in mind, I've left the Avon alone recently on the basis that if the Wye is playing ball, I can hopefully nail all of my river targets in one weekend. I've therefore been looking at stillwaters to try and pick off some of the summer targets I've fallen short of.

I had another visit to Jubilee pools in search of Rudd, Roach or Carp. I found some of each, but nowhere near the required size. The only Carp I banked looked more like an old strain of Carp and was around 5lb. Poor photo - sorry.

I tried fishing floaters, but the only fish I tempted on that method was a Rudd of about half a pound.

The other sessions since then were all on Snitterfield Reservoir, with Crucians and Roach in mind. The first two attempts were very similar affairs and the fishing was fantastic. I didn't use a keepnet, but I'm confident that I had 20-25lb of fish on each visit, made up mainly of Bream. No Crucians though.

On both visits i was left frustrated by some of the larger Carp. At one stage I had 2 decent looking fish feeding right under my rod tip together, but I just couldn't fool them into taking my bait.

A third visit saw me hooking up with Brian after almost a 2 month absence and things were slightly slower this time. I still had a bag of fish that was in low to mid double figures, but once again the Crucians were absent for me.

All in all, not the most succesful couple of weeks towards challenge points, but certainly at Snitterfield the fishing was very pleasant. It's as good as I've ever seen it and anyone wanting a pleasant day fishing for quality silvers need look no further.

It was so tranquil that Brian once again entered the land of nod! :

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