Sunday, 13 November 2011

Sticking to a Plan

It was another glorious weekend of weather. I fished on the Saturday and the overnight temperature had remained high for the time of year. It was 10C when I left home just around 7am and rose up to 15C when I packed in early afternoon.

I stuck to a plan I'd hatched when packing up the week before. As I mentioned in my last post, I knew I'd had too many things on the go and the end result was pretty poor. This week I was returning to the same swim and would fish it with one rod only.

The river was a shade down on last week and a good deal clearer. Fish were showing though and with the favourable weather, I was confident. The moon was still visible on arrival and the river was as tranquil as ever.

I set up the wand rod and decided to plunder a back eddy to the inside right of my swim. It had produced most of the action the previous week and more importantly, it was fairly weed free. I decided to play the numbers game of fishing with small baits. I knew I would attract the Dace, but I was hoping that bigger fish would eventually move in over the bed of bait I'd introduced early doors. It consisted of a bread crumb & crushed hemp/halibut mix, with a handful of casters.

I soon had some company to deal with, in the shape of an inquisitive bull. He was no trouble though.

Others soon followed and one of the cows was quite an imposing looking beast - albeit still pretty docile!

The Dace were there from the off and I started to catch them regularly. A change to double caster slowed things down a little, before the rod tip arched round and held solid. This was no Dace! I could see in the clear water that it was a decent Chub and I carefully played it out on the lightish gear. It popped straight into the net with minimum fuss as it happened and I knew it had a squeak of being a pb, as it was a broad fish. I slipped it on to the scales and it went 4lb 5oz - a new pb for me by 3 ozs and a 4th pb of the year.

Nothing else beyond Dace showed up and I decided to have the last hour or so on a different swim that was nestled between a couple of overhanging willows. It was a little slower, but again it produced Dace after a bit of feed had gone in. One further Chub put in an appearance, but it was a much smaller sample around the pound mark.

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