Sunday, 19 February 2012

What's Gone Wrong?

Some of you will be quick to notice a lack of photos within this post and that's never a good sign is it?

I had a session last Sunday - a day which saw the temperature lifting very quickly from the cold snap we'd endured for the previous couple of weeks. I was on the Avon at Alveston, but a different part to my usual haunt. It fished woefully and I never had a bite. I was initially targeting Chub, but the session ended up with me going for Pike again, but I might as well have been fishing for Marlin!

I blamed it squarely on the section of river I was fishing, as the conditions seemed fine - well, I was hardly going to blame myself was I?! It's a section that I struggled on at this time last year and I figured that maybe history was repeating itself. I convinced myself that the fish had shoaled up elsewhere, as I'd had plenty of bites off another section a few hundred yards away just 2 weeks earlier.

I started to wonder though, when I saw the reports coming in from other bloggers, suggesting that even the banker sections of the upper Avon were now struggling.

This week I had a Friday to spare and I went back to Alveston on my favoured village section. The result was just the same though. No bites and no fish topping. The Pike weren't playing ball either. It's suddenly turned into a tough cookie. I gave up and popped into Victoria Park (Leamington) on my way home to have a quick hour on the Leam. I should have just gone straight home though! Another blank hour passed me by and again no signs of anything fishy.

I had a busy day planned for Saturday, but part of that was to pop into the fishing show at the Ricoh for a couple of hours. I picked up a few bits, including a cheap adaptor for attaching a camera to a bankstick. Finally, no more precarious balancing of my camera on all manner of objects for those self-take shots. If only I had something to photograph...


  1. Which one did you get, Sean? The straight one or the one with the adjustable angle? Bargains...

    Danny and I went over for an hour and saw some silly bargains like a ten quid forty inch landing net plus handle and the like.

  2. Just the straight one Jeff. At a £1 it's a bargain and I bought a couple of spares for good measure (I'm bound to lose one at some point). I quite enjoyed the mix of gear and it was much better than certain shows I've been to in recent years, which I now avoid like the plague.

    100 micro swivels for £3, 9 feeders for £3 and a 10ft 3 piece net pole for £5 were some of the bargains I found. I didn't really need any of them, but at those prices it's a no brainer. I'll use them at some point.

    Brian picked up a 40inch landing net (no pole) for £4! Less than a couple of weeks ago I renewed mine for about £13 before I knew the show was coming to town! It wasn't overly advertised, but there seemed to be enough folks there.

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