Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Video Experiment

Prior to my last Wye trip, I had been trialling a compact handheld video camera on a couple of sessions. It was actually purchased for my wedding earlier in the year and hadn't seen the light of day since. So, I thought it deserved a trip down the Avon.

With the aid of my trusty little camera adaptor and an adjustable bankstick, I was in business. I'm only in the early stages of experimenting with the camera, but I thought I'd share a couple of my trial efforts.

Bream - 4lb 12oz - taken on a rising and coloured river. One of four Bream taken that day.

The action is on the right hand rod and the fish took bread flake on a straight lead fished close in. I know it sounds like there's a right old racket going on, but the noise you can hear is a pocket radio on a very low setting. It's just that it happened to be right by the camera.

As I didn't get a proper shot of the fish on the video, here's the photo (which appeared in the original post earlier in the month):

Jack Pike - taken on a Sprat deadbait retrieved enticingly through the swim.

It's my favourite and most productive method for catching Pike on the Avon. Perhaps not the best for  consistently selecting out the bigger fish, but I've taken them to just short of 16lb with this method, so it has its moments.

For anyone who thinks that my landing net was on the small side for Pike fishing, I do always have a larger net on standby. I just pick and choose the net to suit the size of fish.

Hopefully I've now managed to overcome a few permission issues with the video settings and that everyone can view the videos. If it's all successful I'll see if I can conjure up some better action when the mood takes me (and if the fish oblige at the right time!).


  1. Sean,

    I get a message 'This Video is Private' when trying to play it...


  2. Me too. There must be a setting in your you tube account you need to untick.


  3. Cheers for the feedback. I've tweaked the settings now.

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