Sunday, 13 January 2013

Change of Peg - Same Result!

Back to the Avon this week for a short morning session after Pike. The river looked in decent nick and was only a few inches up, still retaining a healthy colour. I was with Brian this week and he decided to set up in peg 3, which I'd fished the week before. I slotted in next door on peg 4.
It was somewhat cooler this week with a biting wind at times, coupled with some light showers. Conditions under foot were treacherous, meaning that moving around with gear wasn't exactly desirable.
I had an early fish out of peg 4 which took a Lamprey section on the drop. I'd only just put the rod down and picked up my other rod to reposition the Smelt bait, when I saw the float careering off into mid river. It turned out to be a small jack, sporting gill damage from a previous encounter. It didn't seem to bother it though and it was lively enough. 


I then decided to have half an hour on peg 9 which has produced for me in the past. No sooner had I left than Brian was into a fish that took a Sardine. Only when he'd banked it, did I realise that I hadn't brought my scales with me this week. I'd swapped my gear around to allow for a more mobile approach and didn't pack them. Fortunately it wasn't a pb shaker, but it was a solid fish and similar in size to one that Charlie caught the previous week (which went just over 9lb).

Peg 9 was a dead duck, so I eventually moved back to peg 4 for the last hour. I had one more fish on Smelt. Again, it was another jack.

I seem to be cursed with jacks this season and it's becoming a bit of a joke now. I shouldn't moan though because catching anything is better than blanking. I'm sure my time will come and I suffered a similar pattern in January last year before landing a couple of doubles.

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