Monday, 23 June 2014

Opening Week

Opening week has been and gone and it was great to have a few sessions on both the Avon and Leam. The Leam in particular was a breath of fresh air and it reminded me of many happy hours I spent down on the Warwickshire Stour many moons ago.

It wasn't a massively prolific week but I did most of what I set out do - to fish lots of swims (many of them new to me) to build up some knowledge for the season ahead.

Pike were a pest on the Avon. They were never far away from anything being reeled in. I love 'em though and hope they fatten up nicely for when I target them later in the season.

The Leam is a more intimate river with many interesting pegs packed with features.

First chub of the season at 2lb 7ozs.

A few inquisitive spectators turned up!

For a brief moment I dared to dream that I might be playing a decent roach from the Leam but it was most definitely a hybrid.

I'm already looking forward to the next session. I'm not sure which river will get the nod but if it's the Avon I think the perch will get some attention (I spotted a decent one on my last session). Chub are a likely target for the Leam as I haven't really tested out the shallower more oxygenated areas yet.


  1. Sean, how is the flow as the parts of the Leam I fished were pedestrian ? Offchurch has always been on the cards, but I've never got round to it, certainly an interesting river.

  2. I've focused on the Eathorpe section of the Coventry Godiva AS water so far. It's a fairly deep section. Mostly around 8ft but one deep hole is 13ft+. For that reason it's very sluggish. The upstream sections towards the Itchen confluence look shallower with more flow. It holds a better colour than the Avon during these dry spells, which is a bonus. Loads more water to explore yet....

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