Monday, 13 October 2014

Quiet Times

Fishing has been few and far between for me recently and what bits I have done, have been mostly forgettable.

A couple of weekends were wiped out by a holiday to Croatia. My return to the river last week was a short session after pike from mid afternoon into evening.

I alternated smelt and roach deadbaits beneath a float for 4 hours across 3 swims. Not so much as a sniff on a low clear river. On an adjacent peg a new club member was wobbling a sprat and suffered the same fate. For an area that holds plenty of pike it was hard to believe that they'd all shut up shop.

On to this weekend and I headed off to Herefordshire for another weekend away. The Wye looked spot on with a bit of extra colour and water.

Small fish were plentiful to maggot and stick float tactics, but the barbel proved more elusive. Between three of us only two were banked and they fell to the same rod. Beautiful scenery as ever though and a welcoming host.

A 7-11 barbel close to surrender

The next day saw us on a small shallow estate lake chasing carp and silver fish. A cold foggy morning greeted us, which wasn't exactly ideal. We toiled hard but for little reward on a moody lake. One carp, which did a great torpedo impression, was hooked and lost. Some roach offered a smidgeon of sport. Once again a lovely setting, but lacking in fishy activity.

I need a change of luck sometime soon. There's only so many swans and floats I can photograph! Maybe the wet stuff lashing down outside as I write this, will herald a change in fortune. Last week's rain did very little for the Avon but hopefully this week we'll have a more sustained downpour.

Temperatures are set to rise towards the weekend and I'd like to think I'll be tackling a river with a nice tinge of colour next time out.

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