Thursday, 10 September 2015

Calibration's What You Need...

... If you wanna be a record breaker! Not quite the words I used to remember Roy Castle belting out during my childhood, but close enough.

Records are something I'm unlikely to trouble, but Jeff Hatt served up a timely reminder recently to do some scale checks of my own. While in the grand scale of life it matters not one jot, but it's nice to know that attempts to beat my meagre personal bests are trustworthy.

I didn't have any proper weights to hand so I plumped for a heavy cooking pot and popped it on a set of kitchen scales that weigh to 0.1oz or 1g. The result was 6lb 12.9oz.

Out with my digital scales and they came up with 6lb 12oz. Close enough for my liking and slightly under weight. That sad, they only weigh to 1oz, so they would never have matched exactly.

Now given that I had proven both sets of scales were reading in the same ball park, it could still have been possible for both to be equally wrong.

A third set of scales (kitchen dial) were now brought into the equation with a lower weight that fell within its capacity. All 3 scales returned results of 2lb 8oz, when rounded to the nearest ounce.

A more stringent check at higher weights with a properly verified weight would be more useful, but for now I'm happy that my scales are close enough for my needs. I have some proper weights stored away somewhere (not seen since I last moved house) so I'll do further checks if I can unearth them.

I had another crack at the estate lake last week. Plans went out of the window when the only area I wanted to fish had a stiff facing wind. Float fishing at range was shelved in favour of the lead again.

Bite registration was a pain and I missed as many (probably more if I'm honest) as I hit. Peas in a pod roach were the result. Seven in total, all in the 6oz to 8oz range.

I was geared up for a go at the carp with a surface bait, but the wind was just making it impossible. As I called time to head home for tea, the wind just dropped off totally. To tease me further, the carp started to reveal themselves one by one.

Again they were at a fair old range, but one spot on a different bank looks quite favourable for reaching them. Importantly it's a little less snaggy looking too. A crafty late afternoon stalking session is on the cards next time - if the wind allows.

Only a month to go before I really start to target the predators. It seems to have flown by this year. Better start clearing out the freezer, ready for the deadbaits!


  1. What you can do, Sean, is measure out a pound in fluid ounces of water. It'll be very close even with small measuring errors. Or use a pub pint glass and fill to the mark. It'll weigh exactly 20 ounces. It'll be different for beer though!

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