Monday, 27 September 2010

Bits and Bobs

Not too much to report from this week.

I had a few hours on a new stillwater to test the water, so to speak. Perch, Perch and more Perch - 50 of the little buggers to be exact and 49 were in the 2-4oz range. Only one better stamp of fish at about 12oz showed, despite trying worm for long periods.

The only other fish to show were a small Rudd, a Crucian of about 10-12oz and a nice Roach of 15oz. I can't seem to crack the 1lb barrier for Roach or Rudd this year - I've had both to 15oz now.

I had a check on my wormery on Sunday and the lobworms look great - some right old snakes in there. In fact there seems to be more lobs in there than I can recall putting in! The redworms are conspicuous by their absence though. I did find some, but nowhere near as many as I seem to recall putting in.


  1. You need some roach friendly scales, Sean...!

    Funny how with any other fish a fifteen, one fifteen, two fifteen et al, is rounded up but with roach those single ounces under are soooo meaningful...

    It's ridiculous really, I mean a two fifteen roach is a three pounder that'd just taken a dump when you hooked it! but anglers are out there still striving for that elusive two or even three pounder after years and years of effort and hitting the fifteen ounce mark over and over.

  2. Charlie (who's featured in a couple of of posts on my blog), lays claim to having had 2 Roach of 1-15-8 in the past. But never a two pounder. Very honest of him and something that I'll never be claiming - my digital scales deal in ounces only, so it's 1-15 or 2lb for me!

    Sadly I've never got near troubling a 2lb Roach. 1lb 5oz is my best from our local cut. Charlie has had them to 1-13 just outside the Greyhound and you've gone slightly better I notice just round the corner from there.

    One day soon maybe .....

  3. I've fished that area around from the pub quite a bit but had just five roach - 1lb, 1lb3oz, 1lb 8oz, 1lb 13oz and 1lb 15oz. Nothing smaller than a pound!

    Last winter I fished mostly just around the corner from here (Longford) and had far more fish but the average was lower with most of the fish between a pound and a pound and half.

    It'd be fantastic roach fishing, if only it wasn't so slow! A bite per four hour session is normal...