Sunday, 19 September 2010

Jubilee (and it rained again)

Jubilee Pools - Island Pool. Friday 10th September. 6-30am to 1pm.

A somewhat belated report, due to me buggering off to Ireland only a few hours after the session finished. Brian had a spare day so my plan was to get up early and have a few hours of fishing somewhere local. Then, head off home for a couple of hours sleep, before tackling the drive to Fishguard.

Jubilee was a fairly easy choice, as it gave us a squeak of a chance of kickstarting our challenge again. Frustratingly, the last couple of months have been very disjointed and we just haven't really had many opportunities for joint ventures.

We headed round towards the point and settled on a couple of pegs to the side of it, in a sheltered bay. We had fished these pegs at this time last year and we didn't fare too well on that occasion. Why did we choose the pegs again? Well, it was pretty much a case of other pegs being a bit too precarious looking. With the ground being damp and slippy, many of the pegs in that area of the pool are prime candidates for a head over heals gambol into the wet stuff. The actual staging is fine on all pegs, but the access down steep slopes needs a bit of care at times.

I set up a bomb rod because I'd spotted a decent fish topping about 30 yards out and it didn't look like a Carp. There were also quite a few bubbles showing out there. I chucked out a few balls of groundbait and left the bomb rod to sleep peacefully on an alarm set up.

I also set up a float rig and balled in half a dozen balls of fishmeal based groundbait into about 8 feet of water. I kept the loosefeed going in over the top of it and although it wasn't an instant start, things began to pick up about an hour in. I started to catch small Perch, with the odd Skimmer and Roach thrown in - all on the float line.

The bomb rod was fairly quiet, but I did get the occasional fish on it. Eventually I hooked into something a bit better on the float rod and for a while I thought it might be a Tench. Then I realised it was a Bream and thought it may have been foulhooked because it was giving a fair account of itself. It was hooked fair and square though and went exactly 5lb.

The day continued in very much the same manner, with a consistent stream of smaller fish interrupted by two other better quality fish. One was a Tench that felt more like a Bream to start with, but it eventually woke up and had the usual spirited thrash around that Tench are so capable of doing. It was 5lb 2oz.

The other decent fish was a bit more of a sterotypical job. A Bream that surrendered faster than a Frenchman and simply popped up and rolled over into the net as per the rule book. It was the best of the bunch though, at 5lb 10oz.

I mentioned rain in the title, as it's becoming a standing joke with us at Jubilee. We've only fished it 4 times in the past 2 seasons and every one has seen some degree of rain during the day. The first of those sessions last year saw us take an absolute soaking and things have just continued from there. A day of dry weather fishing at Jubilee would be nice!

I was happy enough with the session though, which saw me catch aboout 20lb of fish. Brian caught some silver fish, but nothing to add to the challenge tally.

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