Sunday, 17 April 2011

A Score Partly Settled

Back to College Pool for a brief morning session today. The idea was to get amongst the better Bream, as they've eluded me on previous visits this year. Usual tactics were the order of the day - ball it in at start and fish patiently over it for 4 hours with bread and maggots.

I managed just 5 fish, the first of which was a small Roach to the maggot rig. A better fish followed on the same set up, which turned out to be more like what I was after - a Bream of 5lb 13oz, which stuck over a 1lb on my best for this year. Still a bit short of my target for the year, but at least I'm a lot closer to it now.
The next fish gave an odd kind of fight, which fooled me into thinking I'd hooked a decent silver fish - a big Perch I thought for a moment. It turned out to be a foulhooked small Tench! Another Bream followed later on - this time on the breadflake rig. It was a fish in the 3.5lb to 4lb range and blind in one eye, so I took a quick photo of its better side and slipped it back.

The action was far from frantic though, although I'm sure a light rig fished higher up in the water would have taken plenty of silver fish. I could see a few Carp milling around at the end of the pool, so I thought I'd try for one before calling it a day.

A quick change to the bread rig and I chucked out a controller float with a piece of floating bread, which lasted barely a minute before being woofed down. As ever, the Carp here seem to fight like demons, but I won the battle to avoid it snagging me up and banked a fish of 7lb 4oz. The photo was a bit hurried!

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