Sunday, 3 April 2011

Time For Slime

We had a go at the unpredictable Ryton pool this weekend. I'm not sure sure what's going on with Ryton in terms of the lease with Leamington AA, although I had heard on the grapevine that the owners wanted to increase the price substantially, which may prove too much for the club to absorb.

The club website still lists the Ryton visitor centre as an outlet to purchase club books and still shows the venue map. There's no signs to indicate that fishing has ceased and no word from the club through the website or newsletters that some of us are signed up to. For now, I'm working on the theory that LAA give existing members 1 month's grace to renew membership. I don't have the 2011/12 club book yet, so I'll continue during April to work off the old club book unless something else comes to light. If anyone is in the know, feel free to comment.

On to the fishing and it was a case of persistence paying off. After a slow start which saw just a half pound Perch banked in the first couple of hours, I took the decision to ditch the float rig and go for 2 straight lead rigs fished about 3 rod lengths out over a pool table sized area I'd balled in at the off. It paid off very quickly in the shape of a long lean Tench which turned out to be the best of the day at 5lb 3oz.
Seven more Tench followed throughout the day at various intervals, with the pick of the others being fish of 4lb and 4lb 8oz. I also managed to sneak out a couple more Perch, the best one being a rather plump looking fish of 1lb 3oz which fell to a worm/maggot cocktail.

I also scored a few further token challenge points for a small Rudd of 5oz.

Some of the other Tench:

Brian struggled on the next peg and achieved his customary Ryton blank. For that reason, the day wasn't quite as enjoyable as it might have been, despite me banking almost 30lb of fish.

It's my best ever start to a season at Ryton by a long, long way. Of course, with the Ryton future currently seeming uncertain, the season there might be over soon after its begun.


  1. Nice one Sean, plenty of tincas coming out there - I might have to start my tench season afew week earlier this year. Seems a shame about Ryton if it is lost from the LAA ticket - another case of greedy land owners then?

  2. Well done Sean, some nice early tench seem to be coming out all over the place. Have to get out myself!

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