Monday, 2 January 2012

It's a Start!

Well 2011 ended in a bit of a whimper in terms of my fishing - as borne out by the lack of posts I've made recently. 2012 now brings fresh hope and a clean slate with which to start from.

I'm not big on setting targets, as I know I'll generally always spend as much time as possible in the places I enjoy fishing the most. If big fish do turn up, then it's just a bonus. Reports of 2lb Roach showing in the Avon as close as Warwick, has got me thinking a bit for the year ahead though.

I plan to drop a couple of the club books I currently hold, which frees me up to tackle perhaps a couple of other options. I always like to change club waters periodically just to keep things fresh - even if it means going back over old ground, as in the case of perhaps pursuing some Roach potential on the upper Avon.

The club books I will retain are Leamington and Alveston and my first visit of 2012 saw me visiting both of them for a quick spot of Piking. Alveston is a peaceful water and whenever there's anything between a southerly or westerly wind blowing, it's so sheltered from the elements for much of its length.

I wandered down from peg 3 to peg 9, trying each viable swim in turn with a wobbled deadbait. Peg 9 was the only one to throw up a fish though, but it was pretty small at 4lb 7oz.

I tried other pegs but had no luck. I then decided to move on and call into Wasperton on the way home. There were quite a few anglers around for once - presumably Santa had been kind this year and people were eager to test out their new gear!

I wandered upstream, well away from the stiff and chilly breeze that was blowing across the fields from Hampton Lucy. The shelter offered by Scar Bank was much appreciated and made for a pleasant hour or so, while I tried several pegs. Many looked like bankers to me, but none of them produced a sniff of a fish. Still, it got me searching out areas that I haven't walked to in a long while and I can see me returning at some point later in the year.

After blanking during all January visits in the previous 2 years, I was just relieved to have put a fish on the bank first time out this year!

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