Thursday, 26 January 2012

Time for a Change

With an afternoon to spare, I took the chance of checking out the River Blythe for a change. My only previous trip to the river a couple of seasons ago ended in a disaster with just a single signal crayfish. I was hoping for much better this time around. 

I settled into the obvious swim and kicked off by legering 3 maggots on a size 15. It didn't take too long to open my account with a Chub of around 8oz. Another one about of about a pound followed not too long after.

I then had to endure a longish biteless spell, during which time I decided to set up a second rod so I could fish with bread at the same time. That change had an instant impact when I took another pound class Chub on my second drop in with the bread.

Things then went quiet - very quiet indeed. I felt that I wasn't really fishing either rod properly and I decided to go back to one rod with the bread. During the lean spell a Robin popped by to amuse me. I thought the cheeky little bugger was going to dive into my maggot box! It got what it came for though.

The bread was proving frustrating and I had a few occasions where the tip banged round, but nothing was there. It was possibly line bites, but I always take encouragement from any fishy movements on the rod tip. I stuck it out into overtime - convinced that another  Chub was going to come. It duly arrived on my very last cast, but at 2lb 15oz it wasn't the clonker I'd been holding out for.

A pleasant little experiment and now I know what to expect, I'm sure I can improve on things next time.


  1. HA HA Sean you were on the Soliull Throop swim banker swim.

    The best chub Ive had from it was 3lb 9oz mate and perch up to 1lb 4oz .... The swim used to have more character but the rail network contractors have sterilised it with machinery and taken out the features ...

    You must show me how to brush up on my pike angling mate .

    Good to see some one fish a bit of my local river for free as well. I want to roach fish it

  2. I enjoyed it Baz, although it's not a place I could stand for a long session. Planes to the left, trains to the right (well almost above really) and it has the appearance of an open sewer as it goes under the bridge. The fish are there though! And it's free.

    It's one I'll keep in mind for a short session in future.

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