Sunday, 1 April 2012

College Time

Saturday came around and I woke up with a bit of a thick head from the night before. I'd been out on a mass works leaving do, courtesy of a company's desire to make "progress" by closing down our office. I've been lucky to find similar work at a local college, so it's not all doom and gloom by any means. It's just been a bit weird being back in the job market after 22 years with the same company.

Anyway, a couple of tablets, a few glugs of water, an extra hour or so in bed and I was ready to head off fishing. I opted for College Pool in the hope that one of its bigger Perch might put in an appearance in the favourable overcast conditions. I didn't arrive until 10-15am and was surprised to find the place deserted. I settled in at the far end of the pool on a peg I haven't fished for a while.

Things started slowly, but eventually the fish found my bait and I ended up with a mixed bag. Unfortunately it didn't include any Perch. A Roach and a skimmer kicked things off before the Bream moved in. The first one was 4lb 15oz.

The next was smaller at around 3lb.

A feisty and pretty little Carp was next to be banked.

I then had a mad couple of minutes when I landed a Bream. As I lifted the net, the alarm went off on the other rod. I then had to land the second fish with the Bream still in the net. Fortunately it was only a small Tench that was easy enough to slot into the net.

I managed one more Bream, which bizarrely also weighed in at 4lb 15oz.

No Perch, but a pleasant enough day yielding close on 20lb of fish. Oh, and Coventry City finally won a game away from home to pull clear of the drop zone, which made for some nice listening through my ear piece!

*** Post edited following comments***

In response to Ian's comment, I've added a further image of the Carp below.

Initially I also wondered if it was a Crucian and I actually took the extra photo and weighed it in to be safe - it was 2lb 5oz, which would easily be a pb for me. I looked at other images of Crucians and I wasn't comfortable to claim it as a true Crucian. That said, it does stack up quite well in various aspects of criteria listed on a site I visited

The missing scales towards the tail end don't help with accurate scale counting though. I'm no expert  and would welcome any positive identifications from those more in the know. I note that the site suggests that Crucians can vary greatly in profile. I always think of them being like this one I had last year.

I should add that the pool in question has no history of Crucians to my knowledge. I know fish are occasionally stocked in there from a local pond and I once even caught a fan tailed goldfish, so I guess anything could be in there!  


  1. I love college pool, especially in the summer. Great variety of fish and some hard fighting carp. I've had a Barbel out of there last year too. Never had a big Perch though and I know they exist. I take it the water levels are still really low ?

  2. Is it my eyesight or is that "pretty little Carp" a nice sized crucian - nice blog btw

  3. Mick - the water level is getting desperate now. Not the overall depth obviously, as the place is still relatively deep on all but the very end pegs. It's just the sheer drop from the peg to the water level that makes netting an returning fish that bit more awkward now.

    I was looking at it the other day and recalled catching Carp off the surface at the car park end from an area that's now bone dry! The lily pads have been left high and dry.

    Don't talk about Barbel though - I haven't had one out there for years! They just don't like me I guess.

    Ian - thanks for your comment. I've updated the main post with a bit more detail now that you've also questioned the the identity of the Carp.

  4. Congrats on the new job Sean, I heard about your first day last night. So, you'll be knowing my missus on a personal basis now? Don't let Judy, or Pam for that matter, boss you about!

    That 'crucian' is a tough call. Those missing scales make a count all but impossible, but the 32 required for a crucian is feasible. You'll have to ask Peter Rolfe for his advice on it.

  5. Thanks Jeff.

    I was wondering yesterday if Judy was who I thought she might be, but the clincher was the picture of Molly! We've discussed your blogging/fishing obsession today!

    As for the fish of dubious origin, I'll put it to bed. If it was 3-4lb I might be more inclined to follow up on it. If I do beat my modest 2lb target this year, I at least want the fish to look like a proper Crucian!

  6. I reckon the 'pretty little carp' is a brown goldfish, or F1 Hybrid. Certain it's not a Crucian Carp. I emailed Peter Rolfe regarding a the two and a fish I'd caught. Got an excellent reply and can't recommend his website highly enough. Cracking blog and session there, Sean. Thanks for sharing.

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