Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Spanked Again!

Back to Snitterfield again today in the hope of putting the record straight after a poor session a few days earlier.

I wasn't going to scale my gear right down, so it was much of the same, but with a bit more finesse in terms of the feeding. I've become a bit of a ball it in merchant in recent years, which is fine when the fish are really in the mood. Today I went for a more softly, softly approach. It seemed to be paying off when I hooked a couple of nice stamp Roach in the first hour.

The one at the top went 15oz, with the other one going 14oz.

I only managed two other smaller Roach before the fish shut up shop completely. I couldn't buy a bite no matter what I tried. In desperation I fed the area again a bit more heavily, with the hope that maybe a Carp might show up to the sleeper rod (which saw all manner of baits tried).

All attempts to get the fish feeding failed miserably and other anglers were also reporting similar fortunes. It's possibly still a shade early in the year for the Reservoir. I'll give it a few weeks to settle down before returning.

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