Sunday, 20 May 2012

A Different Canal

It's been my quietest period of posting since I started this blog. It isn't down to poor fishing - just a case of no fishing for me. I've had the distraction of a stag weekend, wedding and honeymoon to keep me off the bank in recent weeks.

It will be next weekend before I wet a line, but I thought I'd better check back into blogger land again to show that I haven't disappeared altogether. I'll sign off for now with a few holiday snaps from our cruise break:

Venice ... and there's a few more boats than my local Coventry canal gets!

Traffic Jam!

The Rialto

View towards St Mark's Square, Doge's Palace and the Bridge Of Sighs.

A close up of the Bridge Of Sighs ... and some random female's rear end!

A random bloke float fishing in Mykonos

This character looked more likely to catch fish!

More Mykonos

Me and Madeleine.


  1. Congratulations Sean .....did you not take a rod mate ha ha ha...

    Baz Peck

  2. No rod Baz - that would have been divorce material for sure!

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