Sunday, 24 June 2012

If At First You Fail...

... Try, Try Again.

That's the message I'm going to have to drum into myself after my latest Avon flop. I had high hopes this week with the river 4 some inches lower and looking in very good nick. I had a little less choice of pegs this week, with 4 other club members trying their luck too. I settled for peg 4 where I'd had a few small Perch the week before and is a peg that has produced them to over 3lb in the past (not to me though!)

I fished two rods, both on a straight lead set up - one for alternating smaller baits like bunches of maggots, caster or a piece of corn on a size 15, while the other had a lump of bread flake on a size 10. I was fishing a nice slack area about 7-8ft deep just off the main flow. I felt it was bang on for Bream, Tench or Carp.

Bites were hard to come by but my account was opened up with a Perch of 1lb 1oz.

It didn't take off from there though and things just got harder and harder. Being honest, I'd had a delayed start and wasn't on the bank fishing until 11-30 and I had to be away by about 5-00. They aren't the best hours to be on the bank at this time of year, but sometimes you just have to give it a go.

I had a mess around with a float rig for a short while but it didn't alter my fortunes - just the odd small Dace and Chublet. It wasn't until the last hour that my bread rig started to show some signs of action. My first bite on that set up wasn't what I was hoping for though - a Roach of only 4oz or so that had managed to throw itself on the hook.

I then had a frustrating end to the session where I kept getting lots of little taps on the rod tip, but nothing really positive. I assume it was more small Roach pecking at the large piece of bread flake.

I'll have to rethink my tactics for next time, but I will be avoiding the own goal of forgetting to bring worms. I'll also be on the bank at a much better time of day. I'm sure there's some decent fish just around the corner...

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