Sunday, 1 July 2012

Slippery Customers

The Avon at Alveston was once again the destination this week and Brian was making his seasonal bow too. The river was about 6 inches up but dropping nicely and it looked bang on.

There were loads of fish to be had, although nothing of any size graced my net. I had lots of small Roach, Perch, Chub, Dace and Bleak. The bites never really stopped and it made for a pleasant day. I was trying to wade through the fish, while getting some feed down in the hope of bigger samples turning up later to my sleeper rod.

I only had one momentary encounter 15 minutes from the end when a suspected Bream grabbed the bait and for a second or two I was attached to a larger ponderous fish - but it slipped the hook! The only fish that gave a bit of a tug during the session was a solitary 1lb Eel with a taste for bread flake.

Brian had fewer fish, but he too encountered some slippery friends - two more Eels of the same stamp.

He managed the best fish of the session - a Bream which came as I was stood behind him. He was fishing bread on a float rig and got a huge lift bite from a fish of 2lb 10oz.

Sorry about Brian's hands in the photo - the fish just wouldn't stay still and this was the best shot!

I was a bit regretful to be packing up when we did, as I'd got a good bed of bait down and prospects looked good (especially having lost a better fish not long before packing up). For whatever reason I haven't fished there into the evening hours in summer and it's something I should really try to do. Another day perhaps...

It was good to see so many fish showing though. The river is in a very healthy state if this section is anything to go by.


  1. Those eels are interesting. I've spoken to quite a few guys who say that as well as the usual suspects they've caught 1 or 2 eels. I wonder if they're making a comeback?

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