Sunday, 9 September 2012

Back on the Wye

This week saw me and a friend back down the Wye again. Conditions weren't great with the river very low and clear, coupled with bright conditions. Our host didn't fill us with confidence boosting stories of recent catches either, but it never bothers me too much when faced with stunning surroundings.

The early morning mist masked the beauty of the river valley.

It gradually lifted to leave a splendid backdrop.

The fish were thin on the ground. A couple of Chub to about 3.5lbs and a brace of Barbel were all I had to show for my efforts. Both Barbel were around 5.5lbs.

Three other anglers on the stretch had reported just one Barbel between them, but one had a surprise catch of a 12lb Common Carp. A return trip has been penciled in for next month when we hope to find a bit more colour in the river and the fish in a more obliging mood.

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