Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Expectation, but not Realisation

Blogging has been slow recently, which largely mirrors my fishing.

I had been filled with optimism from a report I'd been given by a friend. He'd recently had a couple of Perch on livebaits, the largest of which he claimed was a similar stamp to one he'd had from the river 2 years ago which weighed in at 3lb 5oz. The smaller one he was suggesting was maybe a little under 3lb. Nice fish indeed and I've now seen the photos taken on his phone to back it up.

On that occasion he didn't have scales to hand and it proved to be more annoying when he later hooked a big old river Bream that he reckoned was knocking 8lb. I've seen the photos of it in the net and by a towel and it looks every bit in that ball park. Another impressive fish and it inspired me to have a crack at the Bream over ther past couple of weeks.

Sadly I failed miserably and took a bit of a spanking from the river for two visits. This week saw an upturn in fortunes and plenty of fish on the bank though.

No monster Perch though - a 1lb 4oz sample was the best of that species.

Another one around the pound mark showed up later in the day and spurred me into a trophy shot with the pin and one of my home made floats. I must admit that for £30, the reel (one of the original Marco Cortesi pins marketed by Dragon Carp) has proved to be a real bargain.

The obligatory Pike showed up by accident - this jack was taken on a Prawn intended for Perch!

Best fish of the day was a Bream of 4lb 5oz - far from a stunner though with it's odd shaped mouth.

I also suffered an annoying hook pull after a spirited fight from a decent Chub that looked in the 4lb+ range. Beyond that there were plenty of nice Dace showing, along with Roach to 6oz that would have seen me comfortably to a mid double figure bag. As always, the river was peaceful and there's no better place to while away a lazy late summer afternoon & evening trotting a stick float.

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