Friday, 7 December 2012

I'm Starting To Wonder...

... if I'll fish again this year!

The recent floods wiped out my fishing over the past few weekends and I've slipped into a routine of catching up on jobs around the house. Each week I keep convincing myself that next week I'll be able to escape down to the river and it ends up with the same result - more decorating!

I know the Avon is fishable right now, but the level is still tripping on the wrong side of what I'd like it to be. If it was warmer I'd have no qualms with having a dabble with extra water on, but I've no desire to slog it out in colder conditions on a river that's still struggling to offload the extra water.

I know others have mentioned it in their blogs, but it's noticeable that the levels have been almost static - the problem being that for the gauge I use as my reference, they have been static at around 1ft above normal for some time now.

Yesterday's rain is now going through the system and has scuppered any hopes I had of wetting a line this weekend. The levels are pushing up again - only slowly, but it's just more water that the river is going to struggle to expel.

I know I could go and fish a stillwater or a canal, but I'd rather bite the bullet and score some extra points on the home front until the position improves. At this rate I'll have the entire house done before the season ends!

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