Sunday, 24 March 2013

Another White Out

No fishing this week thanks to an all too familiar problem. When will we finally get some Spring-like weather I wonder?  Probably not this month judging by the forecast and I think a huge dose of patience is going to be needed in the interim period.

Easter is nearly upon us and that usually gives me a chance to squeeze in an extra session or two. At this rate it will be a bonus if I don't have to break ice to fish! 

With little to write about this week, I took a look back through my blog to a year ago to see the difference in fortunes.

20th March 2012 - Already amongst the Tench at Ryton Pool :

23rd March 2013 !!! :


  1. Very nice, well done I do love tench.

  2. Depressing ain't it. I have cricket a fortnight on Saturday!

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