Sunday, 31 March 2013

Water Water Everywhere!

I'll cut to the chase this week - Royal Blank!

College Pool was the venue and it was chilly and icy. As I mentioned in a previous post, the water level is higher than I've ever seen it and almost half of the pool is unfishable (unless of course you like to sit somewhere between knee and waist deep in water!). Ice clearing work was also needed on this visit.

The tree in the picture should not be in the water! The path is slowly being swallowed up also.


Here's an idyllic looking shot of the pool from March 2011. The peg on the far right is the end peg on that bank.

Here's the current position! The peg on the far right is just fishable from the top of bank, rather than its cut out position. The peg next to it is now partially under water, while all others on that bank are out of bounds

Here's the view from that far bank right hand end peg looking down towards the car park. You need to squelch your way to this peg with a decent pair of boots, as the water's also spilled out into the farmer's field on that far end too. 

It's going to take a very long time to get back to normal.

The fishing was dire and the only other angler (Paul the bailiff) suffered the same blank result. There will be better days ahead for sure - I just wish they'd hurry up and arrive. I'll have to go back to Pike fishing if it doesn't warm up soon!

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