Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Cider Country

I had a few days down in Somerset last week with family. I managed 3 short trips to a couple of my favourite natural (well almost) venues.

The Somerset levels contain many artificially created drains but they are havens for fish and wildlife and are lightly fished for the amount of water on offer.

I fished at the wrong part of the day on each trip, but each venue was stuffed with silver fish (roach, rudd, perch, hybrids, silver bream) and I was happy to see the float dipping regularly.

River Huntspill - Withy Grove

My buddy for each trip

One of many rudd
King's Sedgemoor Drain - Parchey
On my travels I crossed the Rivers Parrett and Tone - the culprits for much of the devastating flooding in the region last winter. Dredging is underway.

I passed through one of the badly hit villages - Moorland. It was like a ghost town, with portaloos dotted along the streets, builder's vans at lots of properties and sandbags still piled up in various places. The struggle to get back to normal clearly goes on for those hardest hit.

Hide and seek!

An obligatory eel
Excuse the quality, but spot the kingfisher!
Back to the Avon or Leam next time...

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