Sunday, 31 August 2014

More Shorts

Another couple of short sessions this weekend taking in the Leam and Avon.

First up was the Leam and I tried out a new pool that looked promising. The main flow was down the far side with a deeper and slacker area in front of it, going down to around 8ft.

Plenty of bites from the off with roach, perch and gudgeon all showing. Then a surprise with a couple of ruffe that increased my species tally on this stretch of river to a healthy nine.

When the swim died I headed off downstream to try an apparently hot peg that I'd last fished during the opening week. It was totally overgrown and clearly unfished for some time with waist high nettles.

A couple of minutes of gardening sorted out the problems.

The peg didn't prove too hot though - just a perch of about 10oz to show for it.

Oh and another one of these!

The Avon trip yielded plenty of fish on the stick line early in the session - mostly dace. I was hoping for the big perch to show up but my worms were only snaffled by small samples.

It was a late afternoon / evening session and when the light dropped I couldn't resist having a crafty hour of predator fishing. I've been told that zander have been caught last season on the stretch so I used that as my excuse to try for something bigger. A roach deadbait (left over from last season) was deployed.

A couple of bites resulted in hooks pulling out - I did strike very early though. I know it pays not to be too late with the strike but I was a little too keen in hindsight.

Third time lucky saw a fish stay on and it gave a good account of itself, treating me to a spot a tailwaking. It weighed in at bang on 9lb.

It's a bit early for me to move into full predator mode yet, but I'm itching to get into action - probably early in October. With so many prey fish around on this stretch, the prospects are looking good again. I have plenty of options this year though, so I will be more varied with my approach. I might even hatch a little challenge for myself!

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