Thursday, 22 July 2010

Alveston Struggle

Wednesday 21st July. River Avon, Alveston. 9-15am to 3pm - With Charlie.

This was another poor session for me. I really need to have a rethink about how to tackle this stretch, as that's two garbage sessions on the bounce here.

This time we tackled a different area (pegs 3 and 4), but I lost confidence very early in the session. I'm sure if I had scaled down the tackle and perhaps come up in the water, I'd have caught more fish, but I'm not giving in to Bleak bashing just yet!

My sum total for the day amounted to 4 Perch, a Roach and a couple of Chublets. Charlie did a little better, but stilll would have struggled to scrape 2lb. The most interesting part of the day was when Charlie spotted a decent Perch continually swimming around his keepnet. It evaded capture, but it was definitely a 2lb+ fish.

No photos - nothing worth getting a camera out for!

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