Monday, 19 July 2010

Better than last week

Monday 19th July - Ryton Pool. 9am to 2-30pm

I have been fishing since my last post - on the Avon at Alveston on Saturday with Brian. I will spare you a full blown report and will simply say it fished like a bag of nails.

I don't really know what was wrong. The river looked OK - a little more flow, but no real colour in it. I had just three Dace and a couple of Perch for my efforts, which were mainly aimed at the larger Bream or Chub. Brian had an equally miserable day, somewhat compounded by losing a decent fish close in that we didn't actually get to see. Judging by the jag jag nature of the fight, I think a Perch was the likely culprit.

Moving on to Ryton, with unsettled weather forecast for the rest of the week, I thought I'd start the week off there and try to put the frustration of previous Ryton visits to bed. I stuck with peg 16 again and gave it plenty of groundbait to start with. This time I stuck with a single line and gave it a generous helping of hemp.

The Perch arrived quickly and I caught two in the first few minutes before it went dead for a long period. Eventually another Perch came along, but there were no signs of the Tench in the clear areas.

By late morning I was very close to giving it up as a bad job and moving on to a peg near the car park, but I started to notice a few bubbles creeping closer to my baited area. I persevered and it paid off with a small male Tench of about 2lbs - crap photo I'm afraid!

The bubbles intensified and over the next 2-3 hours I managed to bank 4 more Tench - a very small one of maybe 12oz (no photo), another about 2lb and two others both of which went 3lb 8oz.

For good measure, a Roach even put in an appearance.

That's not the full story though because I lost a Tench of about 2lb when the hook slipped out at the net, while another decent fish tore off into the weed and shed the hook, leaving me playing a huge clump of weed!

All things considered a much better effort at Ryton and faith is gradually being restored. The Tench are definitely on the feed there right now.

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