Friday, 2 July 2010

Cyprinus Leuciscus Cephalus

Brian had a session on the Avon at Alveston last Wednesday and reported taking a fish from off the top on bread. I'd been led to believe it was a Carp and I was quite admiring of his feat, bordering on a tinge of jealousy.

I tell no lies about my Carp fishing prowess, simply because it doesn't exist. I don't target the species unless they make it plainly clear they are depserate to be caught and are likely to fall for a fairly unsubtle approach. To that end, I have never caught a river Carp, but secretly I wouldn't mind opening my account.

I received a photo of Brian's fish (taken on a cameraphone) by email and it looks to me like it's doing a damn good impression of a Chub!

Either way, it's Brian's best Chub of the campaign, so I thought I'd share it on here.

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  1. Give over the pair of you - that's a Ruffe!