Sunday, 1 August 2010

In the Garden

I was doing a bit of work in the garden today, so I thought I'd check out the progress of the small wormery I knocked up from some spare wood a few weeks ago.

Scraping just under the surface I was happy to find quite a few worms like this:

I topped it up with some unused redworms and some kitchen waste. Hopefully by Autumn I'll have a good supply of Perch bait.

The pond I put in during the summer is coming along nicely now.

A newt moved in a while ago and seems content, while a few tadpoles were acquired when they stuck to my net during a visit to Jubilee Pools earlier in the year. There are frogs aplenty too - spot the frog!

No fish though!


  1. I've been toying with knocking one up. Do you keep yours indoors (shed/garage) or is it outside? Also, to start it off did you buy worms from a "worm supplier" or just from a tackle shop or garden? I've looked at a couple of advice sites but prefer to hear it from a real person!

  2. This is totally new territory for me, so it's very much trial and error, albeit with some research.

    I keep it outside at the moment and it gets the odd spray during hot spells while I'm watering the garden. It will end up in the shed later in the year, as I don't plan to insulate it.

    I started it with a very small tub of left over redworms and another one went in at the weekend. I've chucked in the occasional lob I've unearthed while gardening.

    The plan is to have a proper look at the contents in a couple of month's time and I'll give an update.

  3. Thanks for the reply Sean. In the meantime I've done a bit more research and it seems an 89/90 ltr plastic dustbin is a cheap option. Should be able to pick one up for under a tenner. Particularly if I can fit a drain tap near the bottom.
    Look forward to hearing your update.