Monday, 16 August 2010

Somerset 2010 Part 3 - River Tone, Newbridge

The Wednesday saw me heading out for session 3 and with other family members due to visit Taunton, I took the chance to venture a bit further south to the River Tone. It's a river I had never fished before, but a bit of research beforehand meant that I knew the areas where I could get a day ticket courtesy of Taunton AA.

I believe there is actually some decent free water in the town centre, but I didn't fancy the hassle of trying to park up and locate it - especially as I had a springer spaniel in tow. Ideally I wanted a quiet, dog friendly, section so I purchased a TAA day ticket and headed for their Newbridge section a few miles out of town.

There was a sluice at the bridge and although I liked the look of the run off just below the sluice, the access wasn't easy and I wasn't in the mood to start a major gardening project just to do a few hours of fishing. Above the sluice it looked deeper and was easily fishable. Fish were topping regularly and even though the water was clear, I fancied my chances as there was a nice bit of weed cover close in that I could fish just beyond.

If you ever suffer with clear water problems, I have a handy solution. Obtain yourself a springer spaniel (all mad as hatters!), point it in the general direction of the water and it will do it's stuff with endless enthusiasm. Clear water is no more...

The fishing was instant and I caught from the off, right up until I left. I gave it a bit of groundbait, but nothing of any notable size turned up. I wasn't too bothered though, as I caught several species, but in the main part it was Roach, Bream and Hybrids up to 8oz.

The stamp of the Roach here was better than I have generally encountered on other natural venues in the area. They were 4 to the pound, or 4oz I guess! When Kev turned up I let him take over for an hour or so and he never stopped catching either. One of the many typical stamp of Roach he took:

I didn't have a keepnet with me for the holiday - I didn't want it stinking the place or the car out all week. I would certainly have been well into double figures for this session though. A very pleasant day and not another angler in sight.

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