Sunday, 1 August 2010

Running Out Of Excuses

I saw out July with a session on the Avon with Brian at Alveston.

Any thoughts of trying the upstream section were instantly off limits due to a match. So, it was off to the usual section at the village end. Shunning the first few pegs (which was my call - possibly a bad one), we took a walk down to the middle of the section.

I gave it a positive approach and heaped in the groundbait and took time out to set up two leger rigs. We'd had a chat in the week and Brian had a theory that we needed to fish big baits and go for the larger fish - the theory being that maggots weren't exactly working wonders. He also suggested trying a popped up bait to overcome the bottom weed which is a bit of a nuisance on parts of this stretch.

I went along with it - but only partly. I rigged up a pop up boilie on a hair rig for my sleeper rig. This is totally new territory for me - I've never fished a pop up before. Testing it in the margins, it worked a treat - I'd go as far as to say it was the dog's taters. This couldn't fail to snare a fish surely?

The other rig was a bit of a cop out - straight lead with a size 15 Kamasan B711 hook that could be used for pretty much anything I had at my disposal. I went for the braid option today, in the hope of getting better bite registration. There was a flaw in the plan - if the fish aren't biting, it makes sod all difference!

The sleeper rod slept - the alarm only giving out the occasional bleep as debris fouled the line. The other rod produced nowt but a handful of Dace and a Bleak. Brian tried various things, but had no luck at all - his only fish being a half pound Perch taken almost at the death, close in on a float rig.

For the last half hour we both flung out lures in desperation, but it amounted to nothing. With tail firmly between legs, we retreated back to the van - soundly beaten by this venue again. Sometimes I wish it was a crap hole of a place to fish and it would be a lot easier to overlook it. The problem is that it's a cracking looking fishery, peaceful and not a boat in sight.

I think it's going to be a venture up the other end of the section next time, but not before we've had a visit elsewhere. We need to get the challenge back on track, so next time we'll be heading for somewhere that will hopefully give up a few points a bit more easily.

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