Sunday, 2 June 2013

Keeping Busy in Anticipation

I've remained quiet on the blogging front for the past month. In that time I only managed a brief afternoon session at Snitterfield Reservoir which didn't yield a great deal.

I haven't abandoned my fishing altogether though - I've been turning my hand to bank duties down on the river for the Alveston Village Association Angling Club (AVAAC) that I'm on the committee of.  Last year's floods had all but wiped out the ageing pegs and I wanted to rebuild things as far as possible. Around 30 hours of toil later and I've managed to rebuild the pegs I set out to restore this year. I have more plans for next year, but there's the small matter of doing plenty of fishing before then!

If anyone is interested in some quality fishing on the River Avon just above Stratford, season tickets are available for AVAAC at £20. There's a link to their Facebook page on this blog. The contact details can be found through that page. Mark Pitcher is the secretary and he issues the tickets. All of the usual Avon species are present and the section is boat free, apart from the very occasional canoe. Access is good and there are no stiles or gates to negotiate. There are no matches, which means that the water is available every day of the season for pleasure fishing.

After a quiet May, I'm eagerly anticipting what lies ahead in June/July, with plenty of things to look forward to. It kicks of this week with something not fish related. My brother (Kev) has a TV date this Thursday evening on Sky Sports in the UK Open Darts. He's what you'd class as a semi professional player and having qualified for the event through the PDC pro tour, he's landed himself the plum opening draw of current world champion Phil "The Power" Taylor! It's a round 2 tie and should be on TV some time after 9pm that night.

I have plenty of fishing lined up once we reach the glorious 16th, but I'll save the details for another time.