Sunday, 31 January 2021


 Some pretty simple monthly statistics to kick the year off:

Fish - 0, Bites - 0, Sessions - 0.

The first time in over a decade that I haven't managed a January outing. 

Lockdown 3 has naturally limited the options, but the frequent moody and foul weather has done a fair job of narrowing them further. Throw in some family baggage and the month quickly became a write off.

You know things are bad when you've had more trips to the local Covid test centre than you've had fishing trips! My daughter recently clocked up her 4th visit - all negative outcomes so far thankfully.

Her nursery was a casualty for a week though when a staff member tested positive. A week of juggling home working and providing childcare is something I don't need much more of! 

We end the month with rivers over their banks again and temperatures dipping. I'll probably extend my barren spell for a couple more weeks and hopefully have the odd day off work when conditions improve.

Our local pond