Monday, 4 June 2012

A Spot of Tenching

Saturday saw me making a long overdue return to Ryton. It was now looking far greener than on my last visit and I sensed that it was going to play ball today judging by the fish I could see moving as I walked down the roadside bank. I wandered round the back of the pool to get off the beaten track and settled into the peg to the left of the sand bank.

I decided to have a simple day with just one rod, float fishing for Tench or whatever else cared to show up. It's my favourite method of fishing for the Tench at Ryton. The swim was given a kickstart with 7 jaffa sized balls of groundbait loaded with hemp, caster and small pellets.

It took about an hour to really get things going, but I then had a fairly solid few hours with fish falling at regular intervals. I had 7 Tench in total, with 6 of them very much like peas in a pod at around 3lb each.

The only fish of a better stamp weighed in at 4lb 14oz.

I had a few Rudd to 12oz along with a small Carp and a solitary Perch.

As the session wore on, I was actually plagued by tiny Rudd and it became impossible to fish maggot or caster, as the bait wouldn't reach the deck before being nailed. I had to revert to bread flake to avoid the attentions of the small Rudd and it proved to be quite effective. I'm not moaning though, as it's encouraging to see so many silver fish at Ryton. It's a credit to those within club who have set about improving the variety of sport on offer.

I total I had somewhere between 25-30lb of fish, which made for a nice bit of sport. It was a shame I had to leave when I did, as the fish were still clearly rooting around in the swim judging by the bubbles I could see.

I bumped into Barry the Fly as I was leaving. He's now doing some bailiff work down there and it was refeshing to be challenged to produce my ticket. He explained that some members had let their membership lapse and hadn't renewed - presumably banking on the bailiff recognising them and assuming they must have renwewed their tickets.

The countdown to the river season is now firmly in my mind. Just one more weekend to get through...


  1. What a satisfying day's fishing Sean. Nice to catch them on the float.

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