Sunday, 5 January 2014

First of the Year

I didn't manage to get out fishing over the festive period. Amongst the poor weather there were a few windows of opportunuity, but each of them coincided with other obligations and so I had to write it off.

I wasn't sure if I'd get out this week, but I had a brief chance on Saturday afternoon so I grasped it and headed off to College Pool. The rain was still falling on my arrival and continued for a couple of hours more. I had some company from the off in the form of a robin who popped on to my rods while I was setting up. It had a good fill of maggots and bread throughout the session!

I fished the straight lead across 2 rods, but it was pretty dire and I managed just two small perch. Fish were topping though and in hindsight I'm sure I'd have done better with a light float rig fished up in the water.

It was good to get out though, even if it was a fairly brief session. Hopefully the rivers will have dropped considerably by next weekend and I can get back to running water. 

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