Sunday, 13 March 2022

Over and Out

River Blythe - 2.5hrs

Another season draws to a close. For me it hasn't been particularly active due to other commitments, but that's probably meant I've appreciated every session all the more.

My season finale typically ended in a whimper. Thinking back, I honestly can't remember having a red letter day to finish off with. Probably a measure of my general inability to trouble fish!

Another short session was all I could muster and I decided to follow up on the previous week's pioneering visit to a new stretch. This time I'd stretch the legs even further. If nothing else, it would serve as much needed good exercise.

Zilch from the starting swim, ditto from the one I fancied but didn't fish last week and more of the same from the third port of call - which provided the only action last time out. Hmmm! With the clock ticking, blank panic set in.

On to swim 4 and I finally had some interest just as I was checking out the football scores. Coventry hit 4 was the headline and I got as far as seeing the 4-1 scoreline when the rod tip started bouncing around.

A quick strike and a spirited battle ensued. I was quite surprised when it surrendered in front of me that it was only around 3lb. It gave a right old scrap and was a short, chunky fish. 

I tried a couple more casts before heading off to try 2 more swims. A pointless exercise as it turned out in terms of adding to my tally, but I guess it left me closer to the car.

The search for a Blythe five will continue next season...

Hibernation until May is on the agenda.

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