Sunday 1 January 2023

AWOL Again

I won't dwell too much on the last 6 months of angljng inactivity. Fishing has been sparse. Life's responsibilities, challenges and niggles all too often conspiring to prevent piscatorial escapism. 

Priorities took over, naturally. Fishing sat on the back burner, but never far from the mind. Reminded of what I was missing through social media connections, waiting for any brief opportunity.

The enthusiasm hasn't wained though. Far from it. As I drove towards the river on a windswept late December afternoon I passed a couple of joggers caught in a rain shower. "They must be mad" I chuckled to myself. Then I remembered what I was about to do!

But despite facing a gusty 3 hours with periods of rain cascading almost horizontally across me, I was as happy as a pig in muck. I've genuinely appreciated every ounce of fishing I've been able to extract.

Most of my short sessions have been on the River Blythe for convenience. I still haven't hit my 5lb chub target, having gone close earlier in the year (previous season) with a fish of 4lb 15oz. The best so far this season is 4lb 5oz, but the better opportunities to expand on that probably lie in the weeks ahead.

I did manage my first Blythe trout over the summer, which was a pleasant surprise.

No barbel at all in 2022 for me, although I think I only spent about 2 hours after them! Hopefully I'll find more time in 2023 for them. The same applies to predator fishing. Just one short session in December which ended barren in chilly conditions.

Total number of sessions in 2022 was 22 - an increase of 3 on 2021! Total bank time was still well under 100 hours though. 

I won't set any targets for 2023, other than to spend more time on the bank. I'll be culling a couple of tickets, but will still have a clutch of others in my wallet. Still far more than I'll ever need, but like a woman is drawn to buying shoes, fishing tickets are my weakness! And rods and reels...


  1. Let's hope 2023 sees you on the bank a little more Sean.
    After all, short, sharp dusk and Dawn visits are often the most productive anyway!

  2. Sean you're the main instigator for getting more bank time !! you need to get back in to the routine !!

  3. Good luck for 2023 Sean, I hope you get on the bank a bit more. I know it isn't easy at all, I'm down to 1 or 2 days a month and night visits to the Loddon in between work nights and that is not easy, knackered before I've even started work!

    Tight Lines mate.